Report finds Milwaukee charter schools don’t make the grade

Four of the 10 Milwaukee private charter schools are providing a substandard education, and the operator of one of them has been raided by the FBI  as part of an investigation into possible financial fraud, according to a report this week in

The online news outlet – affiliated with the Milwaukee Shepherd Express – reports:

If Republican lawmakers think that charter schools are an effective vehicle to increase student performance while providing public transparency, they should take another look at the city of Milwaukee’s experience with its 10 charter schools.

Four of these taxpayer-funded schools are doing so poorly that, according to their annual review, a case could be made for shuttering them.

And major pieces of information haven’t been offered to the Common Council members who are ultimately responsible for the 3,500 students who attend city charters—including the fact that the FBI raided the national operator of one local charter school.

Last week, the city’s Charter School Review Committee recommended putting two schools on probation – Milwaukee Math and Science Academy, which it gave a grade of D, and King’s Academy, which it graded D+.

Another charter school – North Point Lighthouse Charter School – earned an F from the CSRC, and Milwaukee Collegiate Academy‘s high school, whose board chair is voucher architect Howard Fuller, has received a D+ from the CSRC, a “problematic/struggling” school.

In addition, Concept Schools, the Illinois-based national operator of the Milwaukee Math and Science Academy, has been raided by the FBI in four states as part of an investigation into possible financial fraud.

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