Green Bay teacher says Walker’s plan would lower teacher quality

Green Bay teacher Lori Cathey, a WEAC member and president of the Green Bay Education Association, says Governor Walker’s plan for alternative teacher licensing would lower teacher quality.

Cathey was interviewed Thursday (January 22, 2015) by WBAY TV, Channel 2, in Green Bay, in response to Governor Walker’s announcement that he will propose allowing potential teachers with “real life experience” to become licensed by passing a competency test.

Cathey says she is skeptical about the proposal because she believes it would hurt the state’s chances of getting quality teachers at a time when more teachers are needed. She says since the passage of Act 10 in 2011, many long-time teachers have left teaching.

“The quality would be definitely lower I believe because … they know the content but they don’t necessarily know how to teach the content,” Cathey says.