‘Right to Work’ bill on fast track

Republican legislative leaders announced Friday that they are fast-tracking a “right to work” bill that will bar private-sector businesses and unions from reaching labor deals that require workers to pay union dues.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said a Senate leadership committee will formally introduce the bill on Monday, the Senate Labor Committee will hold a hearing on it Tuesday, and the Senate will take it up as soon as Wednesday. The Assembly will take it up the following week, Fitzgerald said.

A spokesperson for Governor Walker said he will sign the bill, despite the fact that in September he said, “My point is I’m not pushing for it. I’m not supporting it in this session.”

The Wisconsin AFL-CIO has created an online petition urging legislators to not make Wisconsin a “right to work for less” state, and Citizen Action of Wisconsin has created a pledge form. Below are images of their petitions; click on the images to open up a page where you can sign them: