‘This is wrong for our families, our state, our students,’ Kippers says at Capitol rally

KippersAtRally2_Kippers_Briana_300pxWEAC President Betsy Kippers told a large State Capitol rally Saturday that the policies of Governor Walker and the Republican Legislature are “wrong for our families, our state, our students”

“Make no mistake,” she said, “this Work For Less nonsense – craziness – coupled with $127 million in cuts to your neighborhood public schools – has fallout in the classroom. This backward legislation, coupled with freezes to community technical colleges and $300 million in cuts to the UW, means families don’t get to see their children go farther, accomplish more, in the next generation.”

Kippers pointed out that “Work For Less” states spend one-third less on education – on their children – than free-bargaining states.

“And that’s plain wrong! … Eight of the poorest 10 states are Work For Less states. That’s no coincidence folks!”

Kippers added: “What does that mean to the educators here? Families in poverty, those hovering on the brink, are at risk! Instead of helping them build a better future, we have politicians who are taking cheap shots – just because they think they can. In my school, we call that bullying. Teachers don’t stand on the sidelines for that. No, we stand up. I want you to know – we’re here today taking a stand!”

Also speaking at Saturday’s rally was Briana Schwabenbauer, a UW-Madison student studying to be a middle school teacher.

Schwabenbauer said the “right to work” bill and cuts to education at all levels are harming middle class families.

Speaking of Governor Walker, she said, “It’s clear he doesn’t share Wisconsin’s historic commitment to education. Unfortunately, he and his followers are too busy attacking working families to do something that would really help them, such as helping young people get a better deal on their crushing student loan debt.”