Putting guns in schools will not improve school safety, Kippers says

GunsInSchool_200pxPutting guns in schools is not the way to improve school safety, WEAC President Betsy Kippers said Wednesday after both houses of the Legislature approved a bill that will allow off-duty and former law enforcement officers to carry concealed firearms onto school grounds.

“Students are at the center of everything educators do, and students should be a consideration for politicians looking to arm visitors to our schools,” Kippers said. “Real school safety solutions require a broad agenda including greater access to mental health services, bullying prevention education, upgraded facilities designed for safety and more training for school staff and students. So, while politicians look to extreme measures like putting guns into neighborhood public schools, educators will continue to work with parents on common sense solutions to promote school safety.”

Current law bans people from possessing guns on school grounds or within 1,000 feet of school grounds, except for police officers acting in their official capacity. The bill allowing off-duty and former officers to carry guns into schools now goes to Governor Walker for his signature.