State budget plan would lower teacher quality and harm students, Green Bay teacher says

A state budget proposal that would dramatically lower teacher standards in Wisconsin will harm students, Green Bay teacher Amy Bahena-Ettner said in an interview with Fox 11 TV in  Green Bay.

“Teaching is a craft, and you need to be well-versed in it and well-trained in it,” said Bahena-Ettner, a member of WEAC and the Green Bay Education Association. “The teacher quality in Wisconsin will be lowered by allowing these standards of teacher licensure to be lowered as well.”

Under the changes, anyone with a bachelor’s degree in any subject could teach English, social studies, mathematics, and science. The only requirement is that a public school or school district or a private choice school determines that the individual is proficient and has relevant experience in each subject they teach.

Bahena-Ettner  said such “quick fixes” are harmful to students and families, “and I don’t think they’re addressing the real issue which is getting quality teachers in the classroom.”

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