‘How do we put the best individuals in front of students?’

Kim_Schroeder_WithCaption180pxIn a report on proposed weakening of teacher standards in Wisconsin, Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association President Kim Schroeder boiled the issue down to it core: “What the real question should be is how do we put the best individuals in front of students?” Schroeder said.

Schroeder was interviewed as part of a Fox 6 news report about the Republican state budget proposal to allow anyone with a bachelor’s degree in any subject to teach English, social studies, mathematics, and science. The only requirement is that a public school or school district or a private choice school determines that the individual is proficient and has relevant experience in each subject they teach.

“It’s not about filling a position,” Schroeder said. “This isn’t JC Penny’s selling socks. This is teaching the future.”

Schroeder went on to say the plan “worries me as a citizen, as a community member that we’re going to have students that aren’t college ready — that aren’t society ready,”

Watch the report: